Power Edge Pro has positioned itself as the Industry leader in hockey development training.

President Joe Quinn, creator of the multi-patented Power Edge Pro System has been developing Reactive Countering Training for the past 15 years.

Used by over 100 of today’s top NHL players, Power Edge Pro is a superior training system that produces noticeable improvements in just a couple of sessions.

Reactive Countering Training is changing the way we approach player development. Learning how to perform multiple motor skills simultaneously is critical to player development and creating multiple muscle responses while using the PEP small space innovative equipment, provides this major performance advantage.

POWER EDGE PRO’S PROGRESSIVE TRAINING SYSTEM PRODUCES RESULTS by overloading the motor skills and synching the hands, feet and head together.

The resistance of the innovative equipment and unique training concepts requires the player to execute “React & Counter Tactics” by maneuvering the puck through the small open lanes of the equipment at high speed.

Multiple training circuits are used with “limited space” and added degrees of difficulty, forecheck pressure and give & go puck movement to simulate authentic game transfer.

Through repetitions, players will gain the Reactive Countering/Agility needed to evade opponents when attacking or to place pressure on opponents when defending.”


Learning how to perform multiple motor skills simultaneously is critical to player development. Activating multiple muscle/responses through “Reactive Countering” at early ages provides a critical performance advantage for players.

While applying steps of progression, the Reactive Environment, along with proper spacing of the PEP gear, players will automatically execute multi-tasking motor skills in uncomfortable game-like situations. This overloading of the motor skills is where major gains are made with these types of challenging circuits players are bound to lose the puck, which then creates a reactive setting known as “Puck Recovery”. Puck Recovery training is a by-product of multi-tasking skills in challenging reactionary environments Players training for the 1st few times won’t be able to execute multiple actions-skills at once, but will progress. (Example. Power Turn-Proper angle of the puck is executed after 1 session but the “Rotation of the upper body” is not executed until 4-5 sessions).

Through Progressions…. The Multi-Tasking of skills through the innovation of specialized equipment becomes evident!.. Player’s times become faster, Execution becomes smoother and the Ability to adapt to overloading of the motor skills, allows players to manage more skills at once. Elite players in the game are all efficient at multitasking.

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