Amerigol promotes the JP Hockey Talk Show a product of Brazil Ice Hockey

João Pedro Alves, a twelve-year-old boy, known as JP, runs the "JP Hockey Talk Show." A program that broadcasts on Brazil Ice Hockey's YouTube channel.

Beginning the second season of the program, JP has interviewed professionals from the NHL and European league, Disney ice hockey movie actors, Olympic medalists, and directors of clubs and companies that promote the ice hockey in their countries.

The program came about to leverage the ice hockey sport in Brazil. Still, it has also caused euphoria in children, young people, and adults in the USA, Canada, and other countries due to its quality in production and interviewees.

Amerigol, due to its role in the growth of ice hockey in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latin American community around the world, has become an official supporter of this initiative.

"With Amerigol, the JP Hockey Talk Show will expand its mission and produce programs that will showcase ice hockey heroes of Latin America. The show’s objective is to provide a source where hockey fans can be informed on the sport, since there is no coverage of hockey on the sports networks in these countries. Inspiring a whole new generation that is emerging by introducing and teaching the game of hockey and promoting the players who are representing their country. " says Alexandre Capelle, President of Brazil Ice Hockey.

In addition to the talk show program, JP also plays ice hockey on a travel team and in 2021 will debut playing in the Amerigol Latam Cup for the U12 Brazil Ice Hockey team.

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